elénzia Enhance - New Nutritional Supplement for Cognitive Health

Did you know out of all the body’s organs the brain is the most susceptible to both ageing and stress? Many of us associate stress and ageing with visible signs such as the change in our skin’s appearance but research suggests our brain ageing process can start from as young as 20 years (1). Further to this, stress has been estimated to reduce levels of productivity by an average of 60% (2). 

Many of us are aware that increased levels of stress disrupt the mind’s ability to concentrate and that brain ageing can slow the neurological processes, particularly memory, learning and executive function. More specifically, it is the billions of signalling pathways which support these functions that are affected by increased levels of stress induced hormones and the rise in oxidative stress. This is because their processes occur within areas of the brain situated deep behind the protective blood barrier, where nutritious compounds find it hard to reach, weakening cells and deterring cellular synthesis. It is these signalling pathways where the transference of chemicals containing messages, known as neurotransmitters, must be able to continuously flow. Therefore, as we age or at times when we experience stress, our minds begin to cloud and as a result these functions decline.
In simple terms, a healthy mind relies on strong signalling pathways to transfer messages. Their weakening has a domino effect on cognitive function, which in turn negatively impacts mental performance affecting overall health and wellbeing. 

elénzia Enhance has been scientifically formulated with high quality, efficacious ingredients enabling you to nourish your mind with the right balance of essential nutrients to help you realign hormone imbalances, naturally reduce stress levels and support your daily mental well-being. The active components within its formulation work synergistically to support your neurological functions and holistically sustain mental performance. 

Its key active ingredients have been clinically proven to strengthen memory and learning skills and sustain the mind’s ability to focus. The formulation contains a proprietary blend of ultra-light polyphenols, citicoline and 6 out of the 8 essential B-Vitamins. Combined they have proven to influence and support the following neurological functions:
-        Firstly, their unique ultra-light molecular structures can pass the dense blood brain barrier, and once through, their mechanisms of action work in synergy to simultaneously support the following;
-        Reduce oxidative stress which naturally occurs in the hardest to reach area of the brain: - slowing age deterioration of healthy DNA cells;

-        Boost the production of neuro growth factor protein: - prolonging the life span of neuronal cells and strengthening the brain’s billions of interconnecting signalling pathways, boosting memory;

-        Strengthen myelin sheaths that shield the synaptic nerves, preventing memory decline;

-        Aid the flow of chemicals containing messages, known as neurotransmitters, to continuously gather and distribute information by boosting their production;

-        Enhance the synthesis of mitochondria, the powerhouses within cells, which are vital to the transference of energy between cells;

-        Boost ATP production, which is the currency of energy between cells, enabling the conversion of glucose into energy;

-        Strengthen phospholipid density, the components which form and align the cell membrane walls, acting as barriers to sufficiently transfer molecules between cells;

-        Actively processing levels of unwanted homocysteine within the blood, reducing any impact on the methylation process, vital for a balanced mood.

The proprietary blend of polyphenols extracted from French grape and wild blueberry has been uniquely combined to a specific ratio only possible through aqueous extraction and delivered by supplementation. Investigation into their therapeutic effects concludes their active form targets the deepest and hardest to reach area of the brain, which is most susceptible to ageing. Clinical trials show supplementation of the proprietary blend can improve memory by 60% and reduce brain ageing by nearly 10 years (4). 

The addition of citicoline helps keep your brain’s energy centres firing. Clinical studies have proven it does this by supporting the synthesis of brain energy and its transference between cells, particularly in the frontal lobe area of the brain responsible for executive function. This boosts the brain’s ability to sustain attention for longer periods of time, and enhance the production of chemicals containing messages, known as neurotransmitters (7,8). The formulation also contains a tailored B-Vitamin complex with molecular structures that support the active charge of the phenolic compounds (9) and Sunfiber® which is proven to benefit the gut microbiome as opposed to artificial bulking agents that hold no beneficial effect. Overall the individual ingredients are working in synergy to reinforce several neurological processes and strengthen those areas of the brain which aid memory, learning, focus and attention. 

We recommend supplementing elénzia Enhance to everyone and anyone who is motivated with a busy active and challenging lifestyle. This particularly applies to students at peak term times, working professionals who are continuously meeting deadlines and those who are looking to support a healthy mind to keep up with their active lifestyles in their later lives.
In simple terms clinical trial results suggest the ingredients within elénzia Enhance help to strengthen the mind and utilise the full potential of your cognitive function whilst helping to slow the brain’ s natural ageing process.
In summary, supplementation of elénzia Enhance can help provide the brain with a flow of particular nutrients proven to protect, repair and renew cells specific to cognitive function. This improves the synergy between cells within the brain by refining the cognitive signalling pathways and enables you to sustain mental performance. This can enable you to increase your brain’s ability to sustain attention without caffeine and decrease the risk of error under those moments of stress. 
By supplementing with elénzia Enhance at the recommended dosage alongside a healthy diet, you can nourish your mind whilst simultaneously fuelling your ability to focus. For more product information and links to scientific literature supporting the elénzia Enhance formulation please see our website. 

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