How do we improve and protect our brain health?

Written by elénzia's Nutrition Manager, Christie Newman

In a world where we are all unique from one another, there are two things we all have in common. No one can live forever and at some point we all experience stress.

Ultimately, stress and ageing impact one area of the body more than any other... Our Brain!

Based on our genetics, many of us age at slightly different paces, and our distinctive characteristics means we often handle stress in different ways, inevitably placing an negative impact on our mind. This is not new news. We are all aware stress distorts the way we think and can speed up the naturally occurring ageing processes however, what is less known is just how much of an impact it is having on our brain across our entire lifespan.

Supporting brain function is not just something to worry about when we are reaching retirement, it is something to think about now and always. For instance, if we think of ageing, we immediately think of our skin as this is something we can visibly see. Next is usually our joints, as this is something we predominantly feel. But how many of us think about our ageing brain which can start as young as the age of 20? This is because we don’t really associate the brain as a part of our body we can do something about. Other than ensuring we are consuming Omega 3, how many of us are aware of functional nutritional compounds that are clinically proven to support the functioning of our brain?

We are all aware that we can support our skin by applying serums and support our joints by attending yoga. However, it is less known that certain nutritional compounds can boost our thought capacity, improve the clarity of our memory recall, enhance our brain energy, and speed up our physical reaction time – without using caffeine!

A good example of this is the nutritional supplement elénzia Enhance, it combines the latest innovative ingredients found by scientists to create a holistic formulation that specifically targets the area of the brain most susceptible to both ageing and stress. Through precision nutrition and patented extraction processes, elénzia Enhance combines clinically proven key active ingredients which work in synergy to penetrate the brain.

This aids several neurological functions associated with:

* memory and learning
* executive function
* brain energy
* sustaining attention

elénzia Enhance has been created and proven to enhance mental clarity, support the minds’ ability to focus, slow inevitable brain age deterioration and reduce oxidative stress. Thanks to nutrition innovation this can all be done by taking 3 capsules a day. 

So, if we are all unique, how does this supplement work for everyone?

In our lifetimes we will all inevitably be challenged with stressful situations. The spectrum of stress is broad and can include anything from a big game coming up to a meeting at work. For every one of us, brain age deterioration is inevitable, however you can slow it down through an active and healthy lifestyle.

To help you understand what we mean by the spectrum of stress, here are some key examples of how elénzia Enhance can support you in your day to day life.

Students and working professionals

Have you ever walked out of an exam or a meeting and immediately after remembered the piece information you couldn’t recall only moments before? That was your working memory failing to ‘work’ under pressure. More specifically, that is an area of the brain known as the hippocampus, responsible for our memory and learning processes, craving more support from the billions of neurons connecting its chemical messaging pathways. The denser this area of the brain is with neurons, the more sufficiently it can recall information, even under pressure.

Key actives within elénzia Enhance have been clinically trialled and suggested to acutely improve working memory and attention during a sustained cognitive effort by prolonging the life of neuron cells, therefore increasing their density. These actives also increase the potential to focus by boosting the brains capability to synthesis glucose into energy more sufficiently under these types of conditions.

The reason information comes creeping back when it is too late is because we are more relaxed, and fewer neurological processes are occurring. Therefore, by supplementing via precision nutrition to support brain health, you support the billions of neurons firing information simultaneously, which in turn supports how well you do in that exam, or how smooth that meeting goes.

Supplementing elénzia Enhance can boost work performance and productivity for focus, enabling you to multitask under stress, be creative and be productive. Also, it can support studying, learning, attention, storage and recall of information, all while strengthening the minds’ resistance to stress.

Athletes and e-gamers

The physiological functions of stress can include that adrenaline you feel before a big race, or a challenge like running a marathon. This type of stress can distort your executive function. For example, running a marathon requires you to concentrate on your breathing and maintain your pace; playing ball sports requires you to think carefully about the pressure you apply when making that awkward pass; contact sports such as kickboxing rely on your ability to make swift judgement in a split second to protect yourself from your component. The list could go on, but these here are just a few examples of what is known as relying heavily on your executive function, which elénzia Enhance can support you with.

There are two key neurological processes your brain is relying on in these examples. Executive function and the synthesis of brain energy. Our brain makes up only 2% of the bodies entire weight, yet at rest it is using a minimum of 20% of our energy, with its main source of acute energy coming from glucose.

Key actives and essential b-vitamins within elénzia Enhance have been clinically trialled and suggested to increase the synthesis of cells which convert glucose into energy more sufficiently and boost the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is key to the speed of our executive function.

Supplementing elénzia Enhance can help calm the mindset, sharpen strategic thinking and clear the memory to propel competitors across all sports and games to victory. More specifically, it helps you achieve optimal brain chemistry for motivation, reaching your full potential and creating willpower.

"As part of a balanced diet and exercise, Enhance has been great and allowed me to stay focussed and alert." - Alistair, 37, Business Manager

The active over 55’s

With age comes wisdom, however the ironic thing about the ageing mind, is the wiser we are, the more forgetful we become. So many of us start to think more about our memory capabilities as we get older and are aware it is a key indicator to ageing healthily.

It is well known the best antidote for a healthy mind is an active, healthy lifestyle, filled with mindful activities, clean air, a positive mindset and a diverse Mediterranean diet to provide nutrients to support brain health. Alongside this, science is making steady breakthroughs to help enhance these efforts further.

Key actives within elénzia Enhance have been clinically trialled and suggested to acutely improve long-term memory and slow brain age-deterioration by 10 years by prolonging the life of neuron cells therefore increasing their density. These actives also increase the synthesis of cells to support the production of neurotransmitters, helping transfer information and improve reaction time.

In summary, supplementing elénzia Enhance provides functional nutritional compounds, to those who are seeking for a quality of life formula to strengthen their brain function, and support their memory, verbal communication, mood and mental clarity

Overall, the evidence supporting the efficacy of the nutritional supplement elénzia Enhance helps those who follow a healthy lifestyle, yet seek that extra support for their cognitive function to confidently meet their true mental potential.


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