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How do we improve and protect our brain health?

Written by elénzia's Nutrition Manager, Christie NewmanIn a world where we are all unique from one another, there are two things we all have in common. No one can live forever and at some point we all experience stress.Ultimately, stress and ageing impact one area of the body more than any other... Our Brain!
Based on our genetics, many of us age at slightly different paces, and our distinctive characteristics means we often handle stress in different ways, inevitably placing an negative impact on our mind.This is not new news. We are all aware stress distorts the way we think and can speed up the naturally occurring ageing processes however, what is less known is just how much of an impact it is having on our brain across our entire lifespan.Supporting brain function is not just something to worry about when we are reaching retirement, it is something to think about now and always. For instance, if we think of ageing, we immediately think of our skin as this is something we can v…

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