Aesthetic Trend - Combination Treatments

As the end of 2018 gets closer, we find ourselves looking back on the year with a reflective mind set. Within the aesthetics industry, 2018 saw the rise of increased efficacy within non-invasive treatments, the surge of awareness of the importance of a high SPF and the continued popularity of injectable treatments. All of which contributed to what has been a very exciting year for innovation within the world of aesthetics.

Another key trend for 2018 was the growth of combination treatments. It has always been important for aesthetic clinics to be able to offer their clients an easy and effective aftercare treatment with high quality skincare products, however in the past year this concept has been taken to a new level with the rise of smart ingredients. Smart ingredients are characterised as active ingredients that are indicated as having a stronger biological effect by working in the deeper layers of the skin, producing a change in the dermis not just the epidermis. Therefore there has been a rising trend to combine these smart active ingredients with a multitude of aesthetic devices for accelerated results in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. 

Hyalgen Serum by Endor Technologies is not only clinically proven to increase the effects of radio frequency facial treatments by 18 times, but it can also be used as a combination treatment for non-invasive facial procedures that cause trauma to the skin. For example, the serum can be used after chemical peels, laser resurfacing treatments, microneedling and plasma therapy. This is due to the proven skin healing effects of the active ingredient – gold thioethylamino hyaluronic acid (nano) – within Hyalgen Serum. The image below shows a wound in a cell culture containing fibroblasts that was treated with Hyalgen Serum over a time frame of 18 hours. The results from this test show that Hylagen Serum works to accelerate skin healing and boost skin rejuvenation.

Aesthetic clinics in Barcelona have found that by combining Hyalgen Serum with Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation treatments, they can reduce the skin peeling and scaling time from 4-5 days down to 24 hours. This shows that skin is able to regenerate much faster with Hyalgen Serum.

The Endor Technologies Hyalgen Serum is truly hitting the 2018 ongoing trend of combination treatments through its efficacy of not only boosting radio frequency treatments, but also having accelerating effects for a variation of skin rejuvenation treatments. With the increased popularity of non-invasive treatments, it’s safe to say that combination treatments will continue to grow moving into 2019.