Endor Technologies Skincare Review by Guest Blogger, Natalie Fisher, Dermatology Nurse Specialist

We live in such an exciting time in the world of skincare. Advances are being made constantly, keeping the industry on its toes. When I’m not at work and I have a few spare minutes I love scrolling through skincare pages, reading ingredients lists and researching products, yes I really am that geeky!

When Elizabeth at elénzia contacted me about the endor technologies range, in all honesty it had
already caught my eye. That in itself speaks volumes, you only have to scroll through social media to see how we are bombarded by product images. So why did this range stand out? Well firstly no gimmicks, no glitter or fancy pants marketing claims. To me this shows an inner confidence that the product speaks for itself. Secondly the science and research invested into their key ingredients, reading this just makes my inner geek grin from ear to ear!

So lets talk more about the significance of Endor Technologies CD44 enhancer which is the star
ingredient used in their patented formulations. The CD44 enhancer encourages the skin to naturally
produce more hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen itself. Why are these three things so important?
Collagen is a protein which provides firmness and elasticity to the skin. As we age and our collagen
production declines, fine lines and slackness in the skin become more apparent. This gradual reduction in collagen starts as early as our mid twenties and continues to decline at a rate of 1‐2% a year after the age of 30….I’m quivering in my mid‐30’s boots as I write this!

Elastin is another protein found in the skin. It allows skin to return to its original shape after stretching. So if you’re sitting there pulling funny faces as you read this, it’s the elastin which will allow your skin to snap back relatively unaffected by that frowning! And finally what about hyaluronic acid? I’m confident you will have heard about this, a buzz word in the skincare world for a long time now. If your skincare regime doesn’t have hyaluronic acid in there somewhere, you’re either on another planet or you share the same thoughts as my husband…."an SPF and cleanser are quite sufficient thankyou very much!" But the reason why hyaluronic acid is so great is because it acts as a magnet for moisture. It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. When skin is hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles appear less obvious. Our own skin cells produce hyaluronic acid but unfortunately, as with collagen and elastin, this also slows as we age.

So back to the CD44 enhancer found in the endor technologies serum and creams, this is actually
working in a way to encourage our skin to continue producing these three wonderful things, long live
collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid! To prove that the CD44 enhancer does in fact work this way, Endor have not solely relied on studying the effects on the appearance of skin, which can sometimes be vague and arguable. They have also performed histological studies by taking skin biopsies, this data is far more reliable and conclusive.

So there you have it, the reason why I am so excited about this range. Anything which encourages my
skin to pull its socks up and work harder is a winner in my books!

Natalie Fisher - Dermatology Nurse Specialist, INP
Instagram - @the.derm.nurse


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