CCR Expo 2018 and Endor Technologies

Following the CCR Expo 2018, the team at elénzia would like to say thank you to those who visited our stand and made the show a success for us. While we were at the Expo we attended many insightful conferences, delving deeper into the industry; and we met with fantastic UK clinic owners, continuing the excitement for the growth of elénzia with Endor Technologies and starting new partnerships heading into the last quarter of 2018.
At the CCR Expo, elénzia showcased the full Endor Technologies skincare range, specifically highlighting our hero products, the Celltense and Hyalgen Serums - our professional, medical grade serums to be used only by trained aesthetic practitioners.  
What makes the Endor Technologies product range so special, particularly our serums for professionals, is that the products offer an innovative new solution to anti-aging and cellulite reduction. Unlike current brands on the market, every product within the Endor Technologies range enhances the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin – the 3 components that are key to anti-aging. What makes this product range different? The Endor Technologies skincare range does not contain different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid or varying amounts of collagen that only enter the epidermis. Such products, and there are many, have a minor effect on skin performance for the short term.
The Endor Technologies range creates firmer, smoother skin by improving the intrinsic structure and health of the skin resulting in fewer wrinkles, reduced flaccidity and increased luminosity for the face, and a reduced cellulite appearance, smoother and firmer skin for the body.
Our professional serums, Celltense and Hyalgen, work with radio frequency treatments for anti-aging and anti-cellulite, and are clinically proven to increase the effects of the treatments by 18 times. We are continuing to see and hear amazing feedback from clinics around the world regarding the incredible results of the synergy between Celltense and Hyalgen with radio frequency. It is revolutionary to achieve such astounding results from a non-invasive procedure, which was a big talking point at the CCR Expo this year, especially for cellulite. With new aesthetic devices being designed each year with the aim of trying to banish cellulite, it will be found that each industry professional, from aesthetic nurses to plastic surgeons, has a different opinion on non-invasive vs. invasive treatments. From our discussions at the CCR Expo with industry experts, it seems that being able to give the patient options within their treatment plan is a key aspect for a successful practice, as one treatment will not be suitable for all clients. Since the launch of our Celltense Serum, we already have practitioners using it in different ways to be able to meet their clients’ varying needs, for example:
  • To improve their current treatments so they have better results from a non-invasive procedure and to maximise the investment from their RF device 
  • Providing a treatment option for those with mild-moderate cellulite who do not need plastic surgery
  • Using it as a combination treatment with several other procedures to get the best results
  • Using it as a combination treatment after surgery to encourage the healing process. 
Therefore, we have seen first-hand that the discussion is not necessarily invasive vs. non-invasive, but instead looking at what new and innovative products are available within the industry to provide clients with the best range of treatment options to meet their needs.


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